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About Us

From the beginning of the establishment of the factory we have succeeded in Advanced Electric factory (Sakit) in making our activity assume a prominent And distinct place among other companies.
And that’s for what we offer of services that serve the industrial and commercial sector, and that’s through a technically and administratively and professionally versed team

, distinctive services and mutual trust with our customers were the main factor to achieve this feat and exceeded all expectations.

Today, with the growth of our business and our activities and as a result of the great development over the past years in the march of the Kingdom to provide Saudi competitive products, the advanced Electric Factory (Sakit) work on customers requirements of products manufactured in our factories with high quality , And it began to loom large new horizons we are eager to get to it and that a service to our nation and our society with our striving to offer our services and our industry with high quality and in accordance with the highest standards and international outstanding brands, to meet the mutual benefit between us and our customers on the one hand and the investment of human and technical potentials on the other Hand .